1. Craig’s first day of school at SAIT!

    He is taking a two year business program, and is loving every minute of it now. I’m so proud of him for putting so much hard work into this. 

    And how cute is he?! 

  2. A knitting machine. 

  3. On Labour Day Monday, Craig and I went on a bike ride to Edworthy Park, relaxed, knitted, read, and enjoyed the sunshine. 

    We also put our lock on the bridge (similar to the love lock one in Paris!) and threw the keys in the water so the lock will be there forever :) 

  4. Powderface Ridge (Part 2)

    No outdoor adventure is complete without a jump picture. 

    After our hike we drove a little ways down the road and came across a beautiful pond. There were people everywhere enjoying the gorgeous weather, having bbqs and picnics, and soaking up the sun. There was even a wedding photo shoot going on. 

    Great day!

  5. Powderface Ridge (Part 1)

    On the Sunday of the long weekend, Craig and I headed out to Kananaskis in search of a hike. Turns out, the hike we had planned to do was inaccessible because the road was closed due to a bridge being washed out. So, we parked our car where a couple others were parked and headed into the forest via a trail, not too sure where we were headed or how long we would be hiking for. 

    We gained a lot of elevation (it was pretty steep….) and hiked through heavily wooded areas, came upon a really pretty field with wildflowers, and then all the way to the top of the mountain (marked with an inukshuk rock formation). It was a great hike, we saw very few people along the way, and stopped at the top for some lunch and a rest. Another family made it to the top while we were resting, so we asked them if they knew what hike we just did haha. Turns out we hiked Powderface Ridge - now we know! 

    It was very fun and a great sense of accomplishment. 

  6. Weeni had a great visit in Calgary. She spent some time with her friends, enjoyed going to bars and ordering drinks at dinner. 

    We went on a bike ride to Edworthy park one evening, and it was extremely hot, so we decided to take a small dip in the Bow river to cool off. It was pretty refreshing, and we just dunked ourselves in place, to avoid being swept away by the current. We had a picnic dinner in the park while we dried off, and then finished off the night with Village Ice Cream. 

    We also went to some of our favourite bars, and made the trip south of the city to see her old horse, Magnum. 

    I love when we have visitors, especially the sister Hutchinson kind.