1. Happy 4th of July!!

    From one nation’s holiday right to the other. We went all out for the 4th of July with our American friends, and had a great party at Kate and Nate’s place. Mom and Dad, Luke, and Joanne were visiting, and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Everything was red, white and blue. 

    Friday July 4th was also the kickoff for Stampede, so we were celebrating that as well! Just a fantastic time of year. 

  2. Happy Canada Day!!

    We had Jamie and Joanne visiting for Canada day, and it was so much fun. The weather was glorious - sunny and hot - and there was so much going on in downtown Calgary, we didn’t have to venture far to find activities. 

    Jamie and Joanne rented bikes, so the four of us could bike around the city to go from activity to activity (and here begins our bike gang - Em and the Rebels). We walked around Stephen Ave and met up with Kate and Nate and Caryn (and Lexie pup), and then biked all around downtown and near the river. We stopped for a break at “Patio de Stella” (our patio…), the best patio in the city. And don’t be deceived by its small size, we can fit a lot of people (and dogs) on it. 

    We had food truck dinner, and biked around a little bit more before deciding to call it a day. It was a great day full of Canadian pride. Even our Nebraskans went all out for Canada! 


  3. The blog is coming out of hiding…

  4. We ended the day with a delicious lunch at the Grizzly Paw in Canmore! 


    In the first picture of the mountains, Ha Ling (the one we climbed to the very top of) is the peak to the left of the valley opening…..so cool! 

    On Sunday, we headed back into Canmore to walk around Quarry Lake, a small but very deep body of water at the base of Ha Ling. We took a few pictures, stuck our baby toes in (it’s freeeeeeezing!) and then continued to walk around the lake. The boys decided it would be fun to jump in (you only live once, right?) So Craig and Nate are first, they jump right in, howling after coming up for air because it is so freezing. The general consensus was that it was “SO FUN”. Our friend Danny caved and said he would jump in, and I wasn’t going to let him jump alone, so I decided I would too. Kate was the only one who stayed strong and said no way. After we jumped in (so fun, and so refreshing), Kate decided she would jump in too! So I jumped in again with her. Lots and lots of fun, and such a great way to finish an amazing weekend. We are so lucky to have such great friends. 

    (See second post for more pics)


    One of the best experiences in my life! How rewarding to literally climb to the very top of a mountain!!!